Keynote speakers


Keynote speakers


1. Brody Paterson (UK)
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Restraint Reduction. Remembering but not repeating


2. Søren Bredkjær (Denmark)
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Reduction of restraint use in Denmark – what have we learned?

KN_Anna Bjorkdahl

3. Tilman Steinert (Germany)
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Coercive Treatment in Psychiatry: Ethical Aspects


4. Jay P. Singh (Switzerland)
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International Perspectives on Violence Risk Assessment

KN_Anna Bjorkdahl

5. Julie Repper (UK)
More about Julie Repper >
More about Julie Repper >

Coercion in Psychiatry: A User Perspective


6. John Taylor (UK)
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Understanding and Treating Anger and Aggression in Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

KN_Anna Bjorkdahl

7. James Blair (USA)
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A cognitive neuroscience approach to violence





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