Art Exhibition (with due reserve)



WPA Section on Art and Psychiatry presents


Art in Psychiatry
An artist whose individual psychodynamic connects with the stylistic tradition of the culture he is in creates an oeuvre in which his subjectivity reaches out to an inter-individual level and transcends towards meaningfulness for society. In this way art brut was not accepted within the frame of the concepts of art until Dubuffet and others integrated its stylistic particularities into the field of the fine arts resulting in a reciprocal acceptance of previously rejected artworks. They were not created within the tradition of the academic art, but the tradition changed and incorporated what had been brought to life outside of its former boundaries. Nowadays they have entered museums and the art market on an equal level as others.

The exhibition focuses on psychiatric art brut in a wide range of artworks from various countries, including artists represented in the official art world as well as those still working in psychiatric hospitals or even in hidden isolation.


Dr. Hans-Otto Thomashoff
& Dr. Ekaterina Sukhanova









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