Special Debate: “Meetings of the minds”


VICP Congress 2015 Debate
Saturday 24 October 2015
Parallel Session 7, 11.00 – 12.30
Room: Lake Matterhorn
Special Debate: “Meetings of the Minds”


Moderated by Patrick Callaghan (UK):
In debate with service users form the UK and Denmark:
- Julie Repper (UK)
- Odile Poulsen (Denmark)


Meeting of the minds: closing the gap between violence research, education and practice

Violence in clinical psychiatry remains a major health care issue in many parts of the world. Research and education on the prevention, minimisation and management of violence in this setting is extensive and ongoing. In line with most research and educational initiatives, it remains a formidable challenge to translate these activities into better care for people using psychiatric services. This session will debate how we close the gap between violence research and education, and clinical practice.

Co-production is a method, approach and philosophy to deliver health and social scare services that uses an egalitarian and reciprocal approach between people delivering services and those receiving them. It has been shown to produce better and sustained outcomes for service users. It can be summed up by the phrase ‘nothing about you, without you’. Using this approach, academics, clinicians and service users will debate with conference delegates what value violence research and education has for improving the experience of people using mental health services where violence is present.

Topics that we will explore during this session include the role and presence of mental health service users working collaboratively with violence researchers and educators in the design and delivery of research and education, the possibilities and pitfalls in working with service users in violence research and education, the issues and concerns that service users have with violence research and education, and how researchers and educators address these and whether discourses around violence research and education disempowers service users and impedes the translation of research and educator into better services.



PatrickCallaghan KN_Anna Bjorkdahl KN_Anna Bjorkdahl

Professor Patrick Callaghan, UK - Moderator
Dr Julie Repper, UK – Discussant
Odile Poulsen, Denmark – Discussant








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