5th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry
Program 24 October
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Thursday 25 October 2007

08.30 - 10.00
Coffee + Registration
Setting up the Poster Display.

10.00 – 10.30
Opening and Welcome
by Prof. Tom Palmstierna & representatives of various (inter)national organisations.

10.30 – 11.00
Keynote (1)
by Prof. Henk Nijman (Professor Forensic Psychology, Nijmegen University)(Netherlands): Searching for new strategies to reduce inpatient violence.

11.00 - 11.30
Break / Poster Display.

11.30 – 12.15
Keynote (2)
by Dr. Dave Colton (Staunton, Virginia)(USA): Organizational Readiness for Reducing Seclusion and Restraint: From Theory to Practice.

12.15 - 13.00
Keynote (3)
by Kevin Huckshorn (Director, Office of Technical Assistance, National Association of State Mental Health Program Administrators (NASMHP)(USA): Reducing the use of seclusion and restraint: a national initiative of change and transformation.

13.00 - 14.00
Lunch / Poster Display.

14.00 - 15.30
Parallel Sessions (1)

Main Hall,
Risk assessment and prediction

Carroll, A. (Australia): Predicting community outcomes of violent mentally disordered offenders.

Lammers, S.M.M. (Netherlands): Is (primary) psychopathy a superfluous construct? - The relationship of factor 1 and factor 2 of the PCL-R with psychological and behavioural variables and risk assessment in a Dutch forensic psychiatric hospital.

Gray, N.S., Fitzgerald, S., Taylor, J. & Snowden, R.J. (UK): Predicting future reconviction in offenders with intellectual disabilities: The predictive efficacy of VRASG, PCL-SV and the HCR-20.

Blue Room,
Forensic psychiatry

Gallagher III, B.J. , Bur, S.A., Engle, M.J. & McFalls, J.A. (USA): Treating violent sex offenders: the efficacy and frequency of use of alternative approaches.

Johnstone, L., Cooke, D.J. & Gadon, L. (UK): Situational management of institutional violence.

Jonge de, E. & Nijman, H.L.I. (Netherlands): Detecting changes in violence risk factors over time in a sample of forensic psychiatric patients in the Netherlands.

Room 1,
Poster Display.

Room 2,
Effects of staff training

Beech, B.F. (UK): Immediate and medium-term differential effects of workplace violence prevention training.

Nau, J., Halfens, R., Dassen, T. & Needham, I. (Germany): Evaluation of a 3-day training course in aggression management on nursing students.

Tam, J. (Hong Kong): Management of violence training program in Castle Peak Hospital, Hong Kong.

Room 5,
Workshop (1) Crisis Prevention Training

Kemp, S., Schubert, J., Boardman, R. & Rettmann, R. (USA): Measuring success in crisis prevention training.

Room 6+7,
PTSD and expressed emotion

Richter, D. (Germany): Prevention of post-traumatic stress reaction in staff following a patient assault - principles of post-incident care.

Petrovic, V. (Serbia): Compassion fatigue and burn out syndrome in professional helpers working with traumatised clients.

Abderhalden, C., Kozel, B., Altorfer, A., Kaesermann, M.-L. & Needham, I. (Switzerland): Expressed emotion and aggression in psychiatric nursing.

Room 8,
Workshop (2) Therapeutic Management of Aggression

Laiseau, E., Egeleand, S. & Sviland, Å.S. (Norway): Therapeutic management of aggression - a presentation of the staff training program at the psychiatric division, Stavanger University Hospital - Norway.

Room 9,
Workshop (3) Reducing Seclusion and Restraint in the USA

Nadler-Moodie, M. (USA): Successful restraint reduction practices across the United States: actualization of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association's seclusion and restraint standards of care.

Room 10,
Biologoy and Pharmacological treatment

Grube, M., Liszka, R. & Weigand-Tomiuk, H. (Germany): Creatinekinase (CK) as predictor of aggressive behaviour.

Chakraborty, N., Sinha, V.K. & Sinha, B.N.P. (UK): A study of lipid profile and apolipoproteins A1 and B: their relationship to aggression and psychopathology in male inpatients with psychosis.

Goedhard, L., Stolker, J.J., Nijman, H.L.I., Egberts, A.C.G. & Heerdink, E.R. (Netherlands): Association between aggression and medication changes.

15.30 - 16.00
Break / Poster Display.

16.00 - 17.30
Parallel Session (2)

Main Hall,
Models explaining aggression

Richter, D. (Germany): Why do mentally ill individuals act aggressively in specific situations? Towards an integration of the individual model and the situational model.

Howells, K. & Daffern, M. (UK): The functions of aggressive acts for high risk personality disordered inpatients.

Brouwers, R.C. & Oei, T.I. (Netherlands): Profile of perpetrators with impulsive violence.

Blue Room,
Risk assessment and prediction

Hartvig, P. & Østberg, B. (Norway): A brief checklist (VRS-10) for assessing violence at risk among patients in acute psychiatric units.

Snowden, R.J., Gray, N.S. & Taylor, J. (UK): The efficacy of violence risk assessment in those with personality disorder and mental illness.

Abderhalden, C. & Gurtner, C. (Switzerland): Risk factors considered by nurses when assessing subjectively the risk for violence among patients in psychiatric admission wards.

Room 1,
Poster Display.

Room 2,
Workshop (4) Management of Aggression

Fleury, H.W. & Engelen van, Y.M. (Netherlands): Control, avoidance or contact? A new perspective on the management of aggression and disruptive behaviour in (child) mental health care and (special) school practice.

Room 5,
Pharmacological treatment

Janowsky, D.S. (USA): Withdrawal of antipsychotic medications in aggressive mentally retarded adults.

Launer, M.A. (UK): Double depot for severe psychotic aggression.

Huf, G., Coutinho, E.S.F. & Adams, C.E. (Brazil): The pharmacological management of agitated patients in emergency psychiatric hospitals in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil: the results of two pragmatic randomized clinical trials.

Room 6+7,
Forensic psychiatry

Goethals, K. & Marle, van H.J.C. (Netherlands): Childhood and adolescence precursors in psychotic and personality disordered forensic patients.

Grøndahl, P., Stein, M.A., Ikdahl, E. & Dahl, A. (Norway): A study of forensic psychiatric screening reports and their relationship to full psychiatric reports.

Tonnaer, F. & Chakhssi, F. (Netherlands): Incident profiling on patients characteristics in a forensic setting.

Room 8,
Workshop (5) Reducing Seclusion and Restraint

Holden, M.J. (USA): An institutional model for reducing restraints and seclusions.

Room 9,
Workshop (6) Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Kuiper, S., Lammers, S.M.M. & Bosch van den, L.M.C. (Netherlands): Workshop Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

Room 10,
National Policies

McGeorge, M.K., Shinkwin, L. & Hinchcliffe, G. (UK): Mental health in-patient services: making safety our priority.

Ilarda, E.I., Jackson, B., Dodd, S. & Miller, G. (Australia): Management of clinical aggression - a multifaceted approach to safety.

Whittington, R., Barr, W., Brown, A., Leitner, M., Logan, C. & Nathan, R. (UK): Violence, Self-Harm and Vulnerability: Development of a national mental health framework for best practice in the management of risk in England.

17.30 - 18.00
Snacks + Drinks.

19.00 - 20.00
Reception at the City Hall.