5th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry
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Friday 26 October

09.00 - 10.30
Parallel Sessions (3)

Main Hall,
Perception of aggression

Duxbury,J., Hahn,S. & Pulsford, D. (UK): The beliefs of mental health nurses regarding the causes and management of aggression and violence by psychiatric inpatients: a comparison between nurses from Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Hannah, A., MacKay, J. & Gale, C. (New Zealand): Medical students' perception of patient aggression.

Cocoman, A., Scott, P.A. & Matthews, A. (Ireland): An exploration of Irish Psychiatric Nurse's experiences in the management of aggressive and disturbed patients.

Blue Room
Seminar (1) Reduction of seclusion and restraint

Michael Nunno (Cornell University)(USA): Welcome and opening remarks.

David Colton (Staunton, Virginia)(USA): Assessing organizational readiness to reduce restraints.

David Leadbetter (UK): Organizational diagnostics.

Room 1,
Poster Display.

Room 2
Seminar (2) Training in the management of aggression and violence

Rick Tucker (UK) & Kevin McKenna (Ireland): Welcome and opening remarks.

Rick Tucker (UK): Training as a reflection of organisational and system culture.

Kevin Mckenna (Ireland): Training who to do what: violence management or therapeutic intervention?

Room 5,
Workshop (7) Sibling Violence and Aggression

Caffaro, J. (USA): Sibling violence and aggression: assessment & clinical intervention with children, families and adults.

Room 6+7,
Risk assessment and prediction

Vries Robbé de, M., Vogel de, V., Bouman, Y. & Ruiter de, C. (Netherlands): Protective factors for violence risk: clinical experiences and first results with a new instrument for risk prevention - the structured assessment of protective factors for violence risk (SAPROF).

Sande van de, R. (Netherlands): Structured crisis monitoring versus clinical judgement in psychiatric wards.

Berg von, S. & Haselbeck, H. (Germany): Indication of a risk-checklist for general psychiatry.

Room 8,
Coercive measures

Thomas, B. (Belgium): Seclusion and restraint and other coercive measures in Flanders - highlights of the research efforts over a period of 25 years in Flanders.

Janssen, W.A., Noorthoorn, E.O., Vries de, W.J., Hutschemaekers, G.H.M. & Lendemeier, H.H.G.M. (Netherlands): Dutch seclusion rates internationally compared.

Janssen, W.A., Noorthoorn, E.O. & Lendemeier, H.H.G.M. (Netherlands): Monitoring seclusion and restraint use: the introduction of a new registration form in the Netherlands.

Room 9,
Workshop (8) Violent offender treatment program

Braham, L. & Jones, D. (UK): Violent offender treatment program: developing evidence based practice for working with violent mentally disordered offenders - theory, integration & practice (1) Integrated model of violence: underpinning theory and development, (2) Integrated model of violence: turning theory into practice, & (3) Integrated model of violence: issues, considerations & further developments.

Room 10,
Biology and aggression in animals

Haller, J., Halasz, J., Toth, M., Mikics, E., Hrabovszky, E., Barsy, B. & Barsvari, B. (Hungary): The effect of NK1 receptor blockade on territorial aggression and in a model of violent aggression in rats.

Natarajan, D., Vries de, H. & Koolhaas, J.M. (Netherlands): Towards delineating violence from 'normal' aggressive behaviour in mice - a theoretical approach.

10.30 - 11.00
Break / Poster Display.

11.00 - 12.30
Parallel Sessions (4)

Main Hall,

Fluttert, F.A.J., Meijel van, B., Grypdonck, M. & Nijman, H. (Netherlands): The findings of the intervention study: “early recognition of violence” in forensic care.

Scholey, K., Simms, B., Higson, S. & Lester, K. (UK): Positive clinical interventions for psychiatric patients presenting with extreme levels of violence and aggression.

Jonker, E.J., Goossens, P.J.J., Steenhuis, I.H.M., Geerling, B., Heemskerk, L.C. & Fluttert, F.A.J. (Netherlands): Managing aggression - a self-evident task for mental health nurses?

Blue Room,
Seminar (1) Reduction of seclusion and restraint

Kevin Huckshorn (USA): The role of leadership in the reduction of restraints.

Wanda Mohr (USA): Practice implications.

Brodie Patterson (UK): Developing learning organizations.

Room 1,
Poster Display.

Room 2
Seminar (2) Training in the management of aggression and violence

Ian Needham (Switzerland) & Dirk Richter (Germany): Does training work?: review of the effectiveness of training.

David Leadbetter (UK): Toward integration: organisational approaches to training.

Phil Leather (UK): Lessons learned from measuring effectiveness of training.

Room 5,
Workshop (9) Aggressive incidents while on duty

Penterman, E. (Netherlands): Aggressive incidents while on crisis duty.

Room 6+7
Workshop (10) Predicting Adolescent Violence (SAVRY)

Tengström, A. & Åström, T. (Sweden): Predicting violence among adolescents: predictive accuracy and clinical utility of the SAVRY – Structured Assessment of Violence Risk Among Youth.

Room 8,
Risk assessment and perception of aggression

Hogue, T.E. & Allen, C. (UK): Structuring multidisciplinary judgements of risk: developing an evidence based in applied practice.

Leidy, B.D. & Haugaard, J.J. (USA): Risk for being restrained among girls in residential settings.

Berg, J., Välimäki, M. & Kaltiala-Heino, R. (Finland): Aggressive behaviour in adolescent forensic unit: the perceptions of adolescents and staff.

Room 9,
Workshop (11) Prediction and Prevention of Violence

Kuijpers, E. (Netherlands): Presentation of a method which predict and prevent violent and aggressive inpatient behaviour by using an interactive model.

Room 10,

Arbach, K., Garccía-Forero, C., Pomarol-Clotet, E., Gomar, J. & Andres-Pueyo, A. (Spain): Frequency and severity changes of violent behaviour in psychiatric inpatients.

Varda, P,. Douzenis, A. & Lykouras, L. (Greece): The clinical evaluation of aggressive mental health inpatients in Greece.

12.30 - 13.30
Lunch / Poster Display.

13.30 - 15.00
Parallel Sessions (5)

Main Hall,

Whittington, R., Barr, W., Lancaster, G., Leitner, M. & McGuire, J. (UK): Repetitive aggression in mental health care: characteristics of repeat assaulters and changes over time in staff and patient behaviour.

Sengupta, S.N. & Maiti, K. (India): A study of violence in psychiatric patients in the acute care of a psychiatric hospital in India.

Klainin, P., Fongcum, T., Sitthimongol, Y., Vanicharoenchai,V., Sangpow, C. & Sathiraangkura,T. (Thailand): Violence against nurses in Thailand: prevalence and consequences.

Blue Room,
Seminar (1) Reduction of seclusion and restraint

Kathleen Delaney (USA): Developing a therapeutic milieu free of aggression.

Janice Lebel (USA): The economic benefits of restraint reduction.

Laura Steckley (UK): Restraint in residential child care.

Room 1,
Poster Display.

Room 2
Seminar (2) Training in the management of aggression and violence

Andy O’Donnell (UK): The safety of physical interventions: a systematic review.

Brodie Paterson (UK): Developing a framework to measure the safety of physical interventions.

Gail Miller (UK) Locating Training within a Safer Systems Approach.

Room 5,
Workshop (12) Prevention, Intervention & Evaluation

Berring, L., Calmer, J., Clancy, F., Ekstrøm, M. & Slot, B. (Denmark): Violence Policy - Preventing, intervening and evaluating in-patient violence incidence - Is it really working?

Room 6+7,
Management Policies

Sharp, D. (USA): The use of police officers within mental health institutions: a case study from Ohio - USA.

Stantzos, A., Camus, D. & Needham, I. (Switzerland): Handling patient violence in in-patient settings: implications for nursing management.

Johnson, M.E. & Delaney, K.R. (USA): Keeping the unit safe.

Room 8,

Noorthoorn, E.O., Janssen, W., Veen de, R.C.A. & Vruwink, F. (Netherlands): The engagement model and the use of comfort rooms as a means to reduce aggression, seclusion and restrictive measures - results of a baseline study.

Vos de, M.E., Jonge de, E., Spa de, E. & Bernstein, D.P. (Netherlands): A randomized clinical trial of schema focused therapy in forensic PD patients.

Marques, M.I.D. (Portugal): Prevention of aggressive incidents on acute psychiatric wards.

Room 9,
Workshop (13) Legislation and Practice of Coercion

Steinert, T. & Lepping, P. (Germany): Legislation and practice of coercive measures during in-patient treatment in 15 European countries: Results of a case vignette study (part 1) in-patient scenarios & (part 2) out-patient scenarios and (part 3) summary.

Room 10,
Domestic Violence

Lynch, L.A. & Kenkre, J. (UK): Identification and management of domestic abuse in accident and emergency departments.

Yin-Ming, L. (Taiwan): Acute alcohol use and injuries from domestic violence in eastern Taiwan.

15.00 - 15.30
Break / Poster Display.

15.30 - 17.00
Parallel Sessions (6)

Main Hall,
Coercive Measurements

Hatling, T., Pedersen, P.B. & Bjørngaard, J.H. (Norway): The use of coercion in Norwegian adult psychiatry.

Steinert, T. (Germany): Gender related aspects of coercive interventions in a German psychiatric hospital.

Snorrason, J. (Iceland): Observations in acute psychiatric units in Landspitali-University Hospital in Reykjavik.

Blue Room,
Seminar (1) Reduction of seclusion and restraint

Peter Coia (UK): Working with learning disabled populations.

Colin Mac Donald (UK): Reducing the use of restraint in elderly populations.

Gail Miller (UK): Developing Post - Traumatic Stress Disorder training in psychiatric facilities.

Room 1,
Poster Display.

Room 2
Seminar (2) Training in the management of aggression and violence

Rick Tucker (UK) & Kevin Mckenna (Ireland): The future: clinical, governmental & organisational perspective.

International Panel Open Forum: Exploration of international perspectives, emerging issues and future directione in the provision of staff training. 

Room 5,
Workshop (14) Forensic Psychiatric Care

Koppers, D., Don, F. & Sikkens, E. (Netherlands): Forensic psychiatric care in a general mental health institute.

Room 6+7,
Management Policies

Low, J.N. (Singapore): Violence reduction strategies: a multidisciplinary collaborative effort to manage violence behaviour in a state mental health institution, Singapore.

Lovestad, E. & Løvstad, M. (Norway): Therapeutic Management of Violence (TMV) - A multichannel approach to prevention and management of violence.

Ingen van, C., Kers, M. & Fluttert, F. (Netherlands): Implementation of the 'early recognition method' in forensic care.

Room 8,
Outpatient / Coercion / Geriatrics

Perese, E.F., Wu, Y.B. & Ram, R. (USA): Effectiveness of assertive community treatment for patients mandated for involuntary outpatient treatment.

Iancu, I.I., Poreh,A., Kotler, M. & Strous, R.D. (Israel): Seclusion and restraints in an open psychiatric ward in Israel - a study of ten years (1997-2006).

Pulsford, D. & Duxbury, J. (UK): Aggressive behaviour by people with dementia: issues and answers?

Room 9,
Workshop (15) Neurobiological and Neurophysiological Aspects

Loo van der, A.M. (Netherlands): Neurobiological and neurophysiological aspects of aggression: an update and clinical implications.

Room 10,
Children & Adolescents

Meerwijk, E.L., Bijl van der, J.J. & Boer de, F. (Netherlands): Self-Efficacy in self-management programs to prevent aggression in children with a psychiatric disorder.

Langeveld, J.H., Gundersen, K.K. & Svartdal, F. (Norway): The role of cognitive distortions on the effect of aggressive replacement training on adolescents; mediator or moderator?

Poirier, M. (Canada): Clinical and ethical issues in the prevention and treatment of homeless adolescents.

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