Dear colleague,

I am pleased to announce the official launch of the European Network of Trainers in the Management of Aggression, ENTMA, as a formal European , non-profit association with the aim of uniting and supporting trainers from across Europe, who are related to the field of aggression management.



Since 1999 trainers in the management of aggression from many different European countries and across a variety of (mental) health care sectors and related fields of work, like education and justice, have been collaborating within an informal European platform, since 2004 named ENTMA. International networking was made possible by an annual two-day conference for trainers in Amsterdam since 2000.


Both platform and conference were initiated and organised by CONNECTING, a partnership for consultancy and training in the Netherlands (Amsterdam), and were initially aimed at exchanging perspectives and comparing nature, scope and depth of training in order to influence positive change in relation to the content of aggression management training courses.


In an annual pre-conference setting, next to the main conference, ENTMA started to discuss topics beyond trainer capacities and skills, like research outcomes, registration, guidelines and standards for training, institutional safety, policy, management and organisational aspects towards training. In August 2005 the outcomes of the international discussion of ENTMA over the last five years were presented in an official letter of recommendation that was sent to many European and national associations.


After years of productive collaboration ENTMA decided in November 2007 to formalise its position and function. As a result of this, a steering committee, consisting of representatives from different European countries, agreed a mission statement, vision and aims for the formal association.


ENTMA will be an association of collective experience and expertise in the field of aggression management, as well as a network of experts in the design, execution and evaluation of training in the management of aggression. It is therefore linked integrally to different national and international networks and research groups in the field of aggression management.


A founding principle of ENTMA is the belief that training contributes to excellence in the management of aggression in health care and other related services. ENTMA will therefore be in a position to articulate the contribution training can and should make to overall clinical and organisational excellence as regards the safe therapeutic management of aggression and violence. Furthermore, ENTMA aims to facilitate shared collaborative enquiry and will therefore be able to inform the debate within a European context.


The First General Assembly of ENTMA will take place on Tuesday 18 November 2008 in the Amsterdam ArenA between 17.00 p.m. and 17.30 p.m. in order to determine its constitution and membership of its initial board. This date will also mark the official launch of ENTMA as a European association. Registered members are invited to attend the General Assembly and have voting right. Registration as a member of ENTMA is possible from 1 July 2008 on and is free of charges until 1 January 2009.


In order to contextualise and celebrate the launch of ENTMA, a two-day conference is to take place in Amsterdam at the same venue on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 November 2008, aimed at all European trainers in the management of aggression and other interested colleagues. The conference will present the aims and scope of ENTMA and will consist of key-note speeches, informative general presentations and workshops, all related to the development of training and practice. There will be plenary sessions on key-note and general topics and overviews concerning the design, execution and evaluation of training across Europe. Parallel sessions in the afternoon will make it possible to attend a personal, tailor-made track of topics to suit one’s own professional area of interest. The parallel tracks are either ‘service specific’, ‘in-depth thematic’ or focussed on the more practical exchange of ‘physical interventions’. Registration and Payment for the Launching Conference of ENTMA


A conference book on the presentations and background of ENTMA will be presented to all participants at the conference.


Although the website is still under construction, more information about ENTMA will soon be available at www.entma.eu.


On behalf of the members of ENTMA’s steering committee, I sincerely hope to meet you all in Amsterdam at 17 and 18 November.

Kind regards,

Rick Tucker (chair steering committee ENTMA)


For subscription as a member of ENTMA: click here to fill out and print the form.




2008 Oud Consultancy - Amsterdam - The Netherlands