Keynote speakers


Stål Bjørkly

Prof. Stål Bjørkly (Norway)
"Evidence based violence risk management – a missing link in clinical research and practice?"
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Pål Grøndahl

Dr. Pål Grøndahl (Norway)
"The terror of July 22th of 2011: What can we learn?"
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Linda Gröning

Prof. Linda Gröning (Norway)
"Mental disorder and violent crime: Legal concepts, distinctions and problems"
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Prof. Gerben Meynen (Netherlands)
"Legal insanity and free will."
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Dr. Wilma Boevink (Netherlands)
"Towards a Charta for collaboration between users and professionals."
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Prof. Kevin S. Douglas (Canada)
"Violence risk assessment and management: What we know, and what we still need to focus on."
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Peter de Looff (Netherlands)
"Predicting aggression of patients and burnout symptoms in nursing staff with the use of biosensors"
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