Special presentation + workshop


PatriciaPCappello1Kate Sanger.

Supporting me through my communication passport

1. Special presentation on Thursday 26th of October at the plenary session (12.50 – 13.05)

My behavior has a function: a practical workshop in using the Communication Passport

2. Special workshop on Friday 27th of October during parallel session 3 (Executive Boardroom)(10.30 – 12.30)



I am a mother of three, my youngest daughter has a severe learning disability, complex communication disorder, and ongoing medical needs. My background is in nursing, having trained in Glasgow and worked within the N.H.S. in Scotland and England, I gave up my career to become a full time carer for my daughter, who requires 24 hour care. My daughter can display self-injurious behaviour, and behaviours described as challenging, when trying to communicate to others that something is wrong and her needs are not being met.

This has led me to training myself and all those who support my daughter in understanding the function of “challenging behaviour” and supporting strategies to support change in a positive manner.

I became a trustee adviser to the Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF) and a co-presenter trainer. I have given presentation on “Behaviours that challenge Addressing the barriers to inclusion” as a family carer at The Royal Society of Medicine at their conference at Dundee University, I also gave a presentation on behalf of the CBF and Mencap at “Excellence out of Adversity” conference in Glasgow, and for the last five years I have been part of a team that gives workshops and presentation as part of a self- selective component course in caring for people with learning disabilities and complex needs to trainee doctors at Ninewells hospital. I have also sat on interview panels and parent forums, and recently the co-creator (with Jennifer Sanger) of

I have worked tirelessly over the past fifteen years to promote a better understanding of the reasons for challenging behaviour and it would be my dream that there would be mandatory training in ‘positive behaviour support’ for all those involved in the care of children and adults with severe learning disabilities.




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