Special dance workshop Patricia P. Cappello


The Choreography of Catharsis: Recognizing, Responding, and Recovering from Violence in the Health Sector

Presenter: Patricia P. Capello, MA, BC-DMT, NCC, LCAT


KN_Anna BjorkdahlEven before birth, human beings are sensitive to cues from their environment and respond to them on a body level. As we grow, our senses develop and are refined by both our physical surroundings and our emotional and relational connections to others. The “intuitive self” can access vital nonverbal cues that can be used to assess the world and people around us.

By practicing the basic constructs of DMT (dance/movement therapy) individuals can begin to hone the natural skills that are present in everyone. DMT exercises in attunement include elements that are fundamental to the health care professional: awareness of body position; body boundaries; engagement and disengagement on a body level; and the non-verbal communication of the physical self.

This experiential workshop will help participants recognize informational sensations in their own bodies and develop a kinesthetic empathy and awareness of those in others. Through practice of the movement elements of flow-weight-time-space, our responses to interpersonal situations (both aggressive and non-aggressive) will be better understood and regulated. Finally, exercising the body’s innate recuperative abilities by exploring the power of breath, tension-relaxation, and strength, participants will learn how to activate their own recovery from incidences of violence.


Workshop (1)
Friday 27th of October 2017
Parallel Session (5)
Room Redwood A
16.00 – 17.30

Workshop (2)
Saturday 28th of October 2017
Parallel Session (7)
Room Redwood A
10.30 – 12.00





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