Prof. Dr. Michael Löhr

Keynote 5
“Safewards, and how it works in Germany”


ProfDrMichaelLoehrMichael Löhr is Professor for Psychiatric Nursing since 2013 at the Diakonie university of applied science in Bielefeld (Germany). Prior to this position he worked as a Leader for an interdisciplinary department for clinic development and research at LWL Hospital for Psychiatric and Mental health Diseases in Gütersloh (Germany).

He studied nursing management, research an public health at the universities of Osnabrück and Halle/Saale. His main areas of research includes: Supply Relevant indicators in Psychiatry and Psychosomatic (VIPP), assessment of suicidality by psychiatric an d mental health nurses, close observation as an intervention by psychiatric and mental health nurses, reduce conflicts and containment in acute psychiatry and dementia sensitive concepts in general hospitals. He has published widely in (peer reviewed) scientific journals.






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