Prof. Dr. David Bernstein

Keynote 3


KN_Anna BjorkdahlDavid P. Bernstein, Ph.D. (age 59) is ‘Professor of Forensic Psychotherapy’ (endowed chair) at Maastricht University and Forensic Psychiatric Center ‘de Rooyse Wissel.’ He received his doctoral degree from New York University in 1990. He joined the faculty of Maastricht University in 2004, where he served as Chair of the Forensic Psychology Section in the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience from 2011-2015. He is a former Vice-President of the International Society for Schema Therapy, and is a past President of the Association for Research on Personality Disorders.

His research spans a wide range of areas, including forensic psychology, psychotherapy, personality disorders, childhood trauma, and addictions. He is an internationally known expert on Schema Therapy, an integrative psychotherapy for personality disorders. He is the author or co-author of more than 100 publications, including Schema Therapy: Distinctive Features (Rutledge Press) and Schema Therapy: Working with Modes (DVD series; He is also the author of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire, the most widely used retrospective measure of child abuse and neglect. His current research focuses on developing, testing, and implementing innovative forms of therapy for patients with personality disorders.







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