2017 Chris Abderhalden Award for Young Researchers
in the Field of Aggression in Healthcare



The Chris Abderhalden Award for Young Researchers in the Field of Aggression in Healthcare honours Dr. Chris Abderhalden, a highly esteemed member of the European Violence in Psychiatry Research Group (EViPRG).

Dr. Chris Abderhalden’s innovative research and development in the field of psychiatry fundamentally improved and professionalized aggression and violence management in Swiss psychiatry and in many other countries. His research and his writings provided wisdom, led to significant knowledge for EViPRG and attracted great international attention. Dr. Chris Abderhalden was keen to promote academic nursing and young scientists from all disciplines. He was a role model for excellent academic work, modesty and collegiality. As a skilled networker, he enjoyed bringing people together and promoting synergetic developments between researchers from different cultural and professional backgrounds. His interest and passion inspired EViPRG in supporting early scientists in the field of aggression and violence research in the health care sector. Those now experienced researchers provide, in turn, their expertise in clinical, managerial and educational fields, especially in the form of consultations, discussions and supervision of PhD-research projects and practice development. Dr. Chris Abderhalden was well known in Europe and beyond, as well as being a colleague and dear friend to many members of the EViPRG.

Dr. Chris Abderhalden died too early and with this award we honour his supportive and inspiring spirit, the quality of his work and his prominent position as a mentor and EViPRG member.

The EViPRG awards the Chris Abderhalden Award for Young Researchers in the Field of Aggression in Healthcare, with a value of 1200 Euro, every two years at the European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry. The winner has to be present at the ceremony. The winner’s name is published on the EViPRG website and the conference website of the European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry.

Eligible candidates are individuals who are at their PhD, or less than 5 years past obtaining their PhD degree. They are registered for the 10th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry and present their research project at one of the sessions of the congress. Further it is expected that they are present at the award ceremony at the 28th of October (14.45 – 14.55): “Presentation of the best paper abstract, best poster award and the Chris Abderhalden Award for Young Researchers”.

For full application we need:

  • An abstract of your presentation not longer than 17500 (= approx. 5 pages or 2350 words) (Title, Name of applicant, Corresponding e-mail address, introduction and/or background, aim, method, results, discussion, conclusion).
  • A complete CV of the applicant.
  • An application letter including a strategy explaining the direction of research in the field of Aggression, Violence and Coercion you are planning to implement.

The rating criteria are: quality of the abstract, innovative character of the research project, practical relevance and relevance of the candidate’s scholarly work to the objectives of EViPRG.


If you are interested to apply for the award please send full submission to till 1st of October 2017.


We thank all the Swiss sponsors of the Chris Abderhalden Award 2017








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