ENTMA08 Reception & Meeting


ENTMA08 addresses issues related to training in the management of aggression and violence. The network involves a broad range of disciplines across health, social care, education and related sectors who are engaged in or associated with, designing, delivering, regulating, evaluating, researching or commissioning training.

In order to meet and to discuss with members and interested non-members the steering group of ENTMA08 has arranged an unique opportunity to network and meet during this congress by organising a special welcome reception and meetings:


Special Welcome Reception on Wednesday the 25th of October 2017 from 19.00 – 21.00 in the Fahrenheit room

2 special ENTMA08 meetings on Saturday the 28th of October 2017:
(1) from 08.30 – 10.00 and
(2) from 10.30 – 12.00 in room 18.
Those meetings will be chaired by Brodie Paterson & Kevin McKenna


On behalf of the ENTMA steering group you are cordially invited to attend those events.

Dr Brodie Paterson (Chair) (Scotland)
Dr Kevin Mckenna ( Deputy Chair) (Ireland)


Considering and Confronting Contentious issues

Brodie Paterson & Kevin Mckenna

While the evidence base supporting both the content and practice of training in the management of aggression and violence has grown very considerably in breadth and depth over the last twenty years, one challenge confronted by trainers, both in consultancy and classroom roles, is how to respond to ‘contentious’ issues. In the context of this workshop two circumstances are considered in which an issue is considered ‘contentious’. The first of these is issues for which the evidence base is incomplete, ambiguous, contentious and/or conflicting, and the second is circumstances in which there is and incongruence or direct conflict between available evidence and mandates imposed by professional and/or regulatory bodies.

Such ‘contentious’ issues are often framed dichotomously, with polarised positions characterised by sometimes impassioned arguments and proposals of actions which extend beyond and/or contradict available evidence.

Three examples of such ‘contentious’ issues are:

  • The adoption and value of ‘Zero Tolerance’ initiatives
  • The use or prohibition of the use of ‘Prone Restraint’
  • The demand for ‘Elimination’ of coercive and/or restrictive interventions

This workshop will explore these contentious issues in an engaging and interactive forum which will place emphasis on gaining a considered understanding which might inform both consultancy and practice related to education/training in the management of aggression and violence.

The workshop will be structured in three components:

  • The first component will provide a brief overview and synopsis of ‘proponent’ and ‘opponent’ propositions, arguments and evidence for each of these three issues.
  • The second component will facilitate a highly interactive consideration of each of the three issues supported by consensus exercises using interactive technology.
  • The final component will summarise key information with an emphasis on how the learning from the workshop can be readily applied within training/educational contexts.





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