4th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry
Submission of abstracts
Program 20 October 2005
Program 21 October 2005
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Supporting Organisations

• European Violence In Psychiatry Research Group (EVIPRG) (Europe)

• Connecting, partnership for consultancy & training (Netherlands)

• Division of Forensic Psychiatry, Neurotec Department, Karolinska Institute (Sweden)

• Wiener Krankenanstalten Verbund (KAV) (Austria)

• Donau-University Krems ­ Universität für Weiterbildung (Austria)

• Nursing & Social Education Research Unit ­ University Berne Psychiatric Services (Switzerland)

• University of Applied Sciences Fribourg (Switzerland)

• National Association of Psychiatric Intensive Care Units (NAPICU) (UK)

• Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Section for Forensic Psychiatry, Brøset Hospital (Norway)