The Scientific and Organization Committee cordially invites you to attend and register for the Third International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector “Linking local initiatives with Global Learning”.

Work related aggression and violence within the health and social services sector is a major problem which diminishes the quality of working life for staff, compromises organizational effectiveness and ultimately impacts negatively on the provision and quality of care. These problems pervade both service settings and occupational groups.

Considerable attention and advancements in addressing this problem have been achieved from service and organizational perspectives nationally and internationally. Following two successful conferences in 2008 and 2010 in Amsterdam, the 3rd International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector, will take place in Vancouver, Canada, from October 24-26 2012. In addition to raising awareness the 2012 conference will provide a platform to share international developments, with a particular emphasis on best practice research and initiatives to effectively respond to the problem.


The specific sub-themes of the conference are:

The Third International Conference on Violence in the Health Sector is recognised as an continuing education activity and as such has been approved by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) for the award of International Continuing Nursing Education Credits (ICNECs).



Conference sub-themes:

Patterns of aggression and/or violence within healthcare:
All manifestations of aggression and/or violence irrespective of who the perpetrator or victim is (staff, service user, co-worker, others) including:


Verbal aggression/violence


Physical aggression/violence


Sexual intimidation/harassment


Psychological aggression/violence


Horizontal/lateral aggression/violence, like bullying, mobbing and intimidation


Financial abuse


Organizational/hierarchical aggression/violence

Impact of aggression and/or violence within healthcare:


Physical/Injury impacts of aggression/violence


Emotional/Psychological impacts of aggression/violence


Financial impacts of aggression/violence


Service related impacts of aggression/violence


Professional, legal and ethical impacts of aggression/violence

Initiatives and solutions to aggression and/or violence within healthcare:


Creating aggression and violence minimizing cultures


The minimisation/reduction of seclusion, restraint and coercive measures


Engaging with service user in seeking solutions


Education and training


Quality safety and risk reduction initiatives


Policy/guidance on best practice initiatives


Conference Organization:

The conference is organized by Oud Consultancy and is at this moment supported by the following (inter)national organisations:



All delegates attending the conference will receive a book of proceedings which includes either abstracts and/or full papers authored by the presenters of all presentations.

The conference provides a wonderful opportunity to network and establish contacts with a very diverse community of colleagues engaged in this important area of work. Apart from the geographical diversity of delegates, there is also a multiplicity of perspectives including clinical/service, organisational, educational, research and regulatory. In order to maximise the potential contribution of networking opportunities the conference will include a number of social activities including:

The City of Vancouver is a vibrant, international city on the western coast of Canada that will not disappoint you, and this wonderful city is also the ideal place for an enjoyable stay before, during and after the conference.

We look forward to welcoming you to Vancouver,

On behalf of the Organisation and Scientific Committee

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Prof. Dr. Ian Needham, Chair and Mr. Kevin McKenna, Co-Chair of the Organisation and Scientific Committee & Nico Oud, MNSc, N.Adm, RN, Conference Organiser




Oud Consultancy - Amsterdam - The Netherlands