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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the scientific committee we would like to invite psychiatric clinicians, psychiatrists, practitioners, psychiatric mental health nurses, psychologists, health scientists, educators, trainers, researchers, managers, and policymakers engaged in the management, study or treatment of aggressive behaviour of psychiatric patients to the 6th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry.


This time the congress will be held in Stockholm from the 21st till the 24th of October 2009. Since the first European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry – which was also held in Stockholm in 1992 - the congress has expanded rapidly with regard to the number of scientific contributions and participants.

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We hope again to attract a large multidisciplinary audience to the 6th congress to share their expertise on how to reduce, manage and treat aggression across disciplines and borders. In line with earlier editions, the 6th European Congress on Violence will focus strongly on clinically relevant and practically useful interventions aiming at treating and reducing violent behaviour of psychiatric and forensic patients. Hence the overall congress theme “Assessing, treating and caring for potentially violent patients”. The choice of this theme expresses the need for further bridging the gaps between research on measurement and prediction tools and risk assessment on the one hand, and clinical treatment and prevention of aggressive behaviour at the patient, ward or institutional level on the other hand. At the ward level, there indeed seems to have been a rise in the number of studies during recent years in which violence prediction instruments are combined with (standardized) intervention options, assisting ward teams in preventing violence and the use of coercive measures in concrete ways.


The broad multidisciplinary scope of the European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry is expressed in the various subthemes that will be addressed in Stockholm in 2009: “Risk assessment / prediction of violence”, “psychological treatment and therapies for aggressive patients”, “pharmacological treatments”, “biological factors of violence”, “methods for reducing coercive measures”, “consumer perspectives”, “legal and ethical perspectives”, “assessment and treatment of auto-aggressive and suicidal behaviour”, and “assessment and treatment of sexual violence”.


As was the case for the previous congresses held in Vienna (2005) and Amsterdam (2007), all scientific contributions to the 6th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry will be collected in a publication reflecting the current state of knowledge about, and research on, the prevention and treatment of aggressive behaviour of psychiatric patients. We hope that the 6th European Congress on Violence in Clinical Psychiatry will prove to be helpful to the participants and lead to improvements in the care for, and quality of life of, patients for whom aggression is part of their psychiatric disorder.

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We thus cordially welcome you in Stockholm in October, 2009!


Prof. Henk Nijman, Ass. Prof. Tom Palmstierna & Dr. Ian Needham
Chairs of the scientific committee of the 6th European Violence in Clinical Psychiatry Congress


Nico Oud
Congress Organiser




2009 Oud Consultancy - Amsterdam - The Netherlands