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The Profession of Psychiatric Nursing is unique in its contribution to the mentally ill. Quality management and professional evidence based practice are key ingredients to ensure that patients will receive the best possible care.

Horatio – European Psychiatric Nurses - aspires to be the voice of psychiatric nurses in Europe by uniting the workforce in pursuit of high standards, best practice and ensuring recognition of the value and importance of the role of psychiatric nurses in mental health care. Horatio is the official European Association for National Psychiatric Nursing Organizations and psychiatric nurses in (mental) health services across Europe, and is member of the European Specialist Nursing Organization (ESNO) within the European Federation of Nursing Associations (EFN). The EFN represents (national) nursing organizations to the EU and other international bodies and is involved in a broad range of activities on behalf of its constituents.


Since October 2005 representatives of a number of national psychiatric nursing organisations have taken the initiative to start a network which has now been officially transformed into the above mentioned association ‘Horatio’: The name is taken from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, a figure who is a constant support to the prince, a person in high levels of distress and mood swings. Horatio epitomises the psychiatric nurse, helping others to achieve their potential, despite all the odds. This two day Congress will be the Official founding congress of Horatio and will be followed the next day by the first General Assembly and the formal launch of Horatio as approved by the current membership.

This founding congress will be the first biennial congress in Europe where participants can exchange knowledge and share information and inspiration. It will be the opportunity for leaders – managers – educators – practitioners – clinicians – researchers – theorists – advocates – representatives and others within the field of psychiatric nursing to attend lectures, exchange information, network, promote international collaboration, and serve as a platform for discussion and reflection about the way psychiatric nursing as a profession should develop within Europe for the benefit of our consumers. Participants and invited presenters will contribute to our expert panel in providing intelligence related to European psychiatric nursing, to assist Horatio to review, research and to respond to the EFN or European Commission (Green Paper) and to inform policy and Horatio’s strategic decision-making.

As Europe seeks to set common goals and standards for mental health, Horatio seeks to harness the energy, knowledge and experiences of our 350,000 psychiatric nursing professionals within Europe and the EU and ensure our voice is heard. In this invitation you are also invited to join this Association as full member or associate member to enhance this organisation in the performance of our duties and to bring psychiatric nursing to a level commensurate with the education, training and performance of our practitioners.


The City of Arnhem is situated in south-east region of the Netherlands with many psychiatric institutes and a great variety of specialities. This city came under heavy attack during the Second World War and has today a very modern and vibrant environment in which to live and work. The Congress will take place in the city centre, close to the river Rhine and is surrounded by parks. In this environment and in combination with this program it is the place to be for every European psychiatric nurse and we are looking forward to meeting you.

Des Kavanagh, President