The Scientific and Organization Committee cordially invites you to the First International Conference on Workplace Violence in the Health Sector.

Workplace violence in the health sector is progressively gaining attention and recognition as being a global problem. The problem that is not confined to only one or two single professions, but has become a major concern for many different stakeholders in the health care sector: government, management, professionals, health care workers, insurance companies, service users / clients, educators, trainers, researchers, the police, professional and trade union organizations, and others.



There is great need to raise awareness of this problem and to look for the right evidence based answers and strategies that are able to tackle the problem of violence and hence creating a safe working environment for staff and clients. The ultimate goal is an environment in which health, safety and personal well-being is being ensured for all individuals and groups within the health care sector. Workers and clients have the right to be confronted with a safe work environment in order to guarantee the delivery of effective and quality care and client services, and all concerned stakeholders should work together in creating such an environment. The time seems ripe for an international conference where all stakeholders can collectively discuss the problem of violence and safety in the health care sector.


The focus of the conference will be on violence against health care workers, and the specific aims are:

• To sensitize stakeholders to the issue of workplace violence

• To understand the manifestations and the human, professional and economic implications of workplace violence

• To promote effective policies and strategies to create safe work environments


The conference is organized by Oud Consultancy and is co-sponsored by the ICN, STTI, IHF, CONNECTING, DkITPSI, ILO, PZR & GHWA:




You are now invited to take part in this first International Conference on Workplace Violence in the Health Sector, which offers you seminars of 3 hour each, workshops of 1,5 hour each, paper presentations and poster presentations. At the registration desk of the conference you will receive the book of proceedings, in which all the presenters have either published a written fuller version of their presentation or just their abstract, and also all the poster abstracts are included.


We also would like to invite you to the welcome reception on Wednesday 22 October 2008, where you will be welcomed by the Organization Committee and to join us at a special congress dinner cruise in the harbour of Amsterdam on Thursday 23 October. This all enables you to personal contact networking, understanding and friendship among colleagues in the field.


The city of Amsterdam is adding a blend of history and culture with the dynamics of a trendy metropolis, and therefore offering the ideal opportunity for a enjoyable stay before, during or after the conference. And we have requested the city of Amsterdam to offer you special vouchers for one hour boat trips in the Amsterdam canals during the conference days as well.


Looking forward to welcoming you to Amsterdam,

On behalf of the organizational and scientific committee,

Dr. Ian Needham, chair of the organization and scientific committee




2008 Oud Consultancy - Amsterdam - The Netherlands